I decided to print my set of pale aqua drawings ( Part 1 / Part 2 ) as a set of postcards! 

You can preorder here: ! 
All preorders will come with a sticker sheet (to be posted).

I will also have them at FanExpo (August 28-31), where I’ll be sharing a table with Kage. Our table number is A93, please come visit us if you’ll be going..!

And since I’ve been meaning to do a giveaway for a while, so I figured this would be a good time as any!

  • You don’t have to be following me
  • Available to anyone that can receive mail
  • Reblog once and like once
  • Your ask must be open for me to message you (my main account is one-punch) 
  • If you have already preordered, I will either refund you the difference or you may choose up to two other items from my store

Thanks again for all the support! ///

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Jul 31. 10 Notes.

chriskoehler said: Dear Afu, I noticed that you do nipples well. Do you have any tips for an aspiring artist?


To all artist, people have nipples. Don’t forget to draw them in.



The most beautiful Game Boys ⊟

I love, love, love these. I am SO tempted to pick one up and throw on a front light mod, then not play any other console for the rest of my life.

These gorgeous floral paintjobs come from Georgina, who makes and sells customized portables through her friend’s shop. If you want to commission something like this from Georgina, hit up her Tumblr.

BUY Game Boy games, upcoming releases


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Hi again for all of you!——-
Here is one more giveaway!
It is a much much smaller than last one, but it is really special one!

It was realeased for massive sells just two days ago and it is already SOLD OUT!
And you can get it now for freeeeeeeeeeee…

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